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blog-icons-sk-kopf My name is Stefan Krauth. Most people know me from the area of software development, crazy computer stuff or from the area of photography. Read more about me in this section.
If you’re looking at this website, because you want to contact me. You can do this right here. Feel free to use the contact form or use the email address at the bottom of the page.
This way, if you want to subscribe or unsubscribe from my mailing list to reach sport climbers from the area around heidelberg.
You heard me talking about bitcoin and are curous about what it is? Read more about it on this page.
Follow my life in pictures. This is a replication of my instagram feed.
All people are concerned about privacy. I’m using PGP encryption for more than 10 years now. I never got an encrypted mail from a friend. If you want to be the first one. Look here.

My website is a mixture of English and German content depending on the target group.

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